Events to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden in Selkirk

04th September 2013
Flodden 500 Selkirk, Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association and Selkirk Common Riding Trust are pleased to announce the following events for September in Selkirk to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.

Saturday the 7th of September
1. The 1513 Club from Coldstream’s ‘Borderers Return from Flodden ride round the Borders will see Selkirk Riders receive the flag from Hawick at 7am at Wilton Path in Hawick. Following the Borders Abbey way to Ashkirk stopping at the Woll. Then on to Selkirk. Entering Selkirk via the Haining to Deer Park. The riders will head down the Loan over the Kirk Wynd into Market Place and along the High Street to the Victoria Halls arriving at approx 10.00am the Provost will say a few words, The Senior Burgh Officer will read out a proclamation, Andrew Bunyan will play a Lament on the pipes. Ribbons for Selkirk will be Bussed on the flag from the town by the winner of the Common Riding Essay Competition from Lilliesleaf Miss Daisy Job. The Flag will then be handed over to the Galashiels riders who will leave at 10.30am. Selkirk Horsemen are Ex-Standard Bearers John Beveridge, Stuart Coltherd, Duncan Lawson, James Cheyne, Guy Blair and Gavin Henderson. "Please note that no horses are allowed to join the ride it is just the six horses nominated"

2. The Official Opening of the Flodden 500 Selkirk Memorial Garden in the Grounds of the Victoria Halls will take place between 1pm and 3pm. The Garden will be opened by his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch. Selkirk Silver band and Pipe band will be in attendance. (Please note that entry to the Grounds of the Halls will be by invitation only).

3. Flodden 500 Selkirk Concert, This will be held in the Victoria Hall at 7.30pm, featuring ‘Soddin Flodden’ and a second half with various local artists and Performers. The Evening will be compared by John Nichol. A limited amounted of tickets are still available from Heard Hamilton Financial Planning (Formally Shoe World) in Selkirk High Street. £8 for downstairs and £5 for the Balcony.

Sunday the 8th of September
1. An early evening church service will take place in Selkirk Parish Church at 8pm. Following the Church service the Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association will lay a wreath at Fletcher the Flodden Memorial at 9pm.

Monday the 9th of September The Date of the 500th Anniversary
1. The Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association will take part in the Coldstream 1513 Club’s Service at the Tweed Green in Coldstream at 6.30pm then Flodden Field just after 7pm.

Sunday the 15th of September
The Riding of the South Marches.
The Royal Burgh Standard Bearer will receive the Burgh Flag on the balcony of the Town Hall at 8am from the Provost, Horses will be gathered in the Kirk Wynd. After the Standard Bearer is mounted the cavalcade will proceed along Selkirk High Street past the Fletcher Monument at the Victoria Hall, turn up Dovecot and out past Goslawdales and on up to Buxton.
Arrive at Lindean Mast at 8.45 a.m proceeding round by Over Whitlaw Farm and over the back of Nether Whitlaw. The ride will then cross the A699 at the turn of for Prieston.
Arrive at Midlem at 10.15 a.m. Refreshment stop at Bisley at Braidwood.
Before heading via the Curling Farm towards Lilliesleaf.
Arrive Lilliesleaf – approx. 11.30 a.m Via the Ford at the East end of the village
Horses and riders will be in field opposite St Dunstane during the stop at Lilliesleaf.
Leave Lilliesleaf at 12.30pm Via the Ford at the East end of the village.
Returning by the Curling Farm, Whitmuir and The Rig for a refreshment stop at 2pm, before crossing the A699 Smedheugh, on to Bell Hill.
Riders will return to the Town via Buxton to Goslawdales at 3pm, where they will be joined by the Crafts and the other Casting associations, Selkirk Common Riding Trust, Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association (Non Mounted), The Flute Band Selkirk Silver Band and Selkirk Pipe Band. The procession will take the same order as Common riding morning apart from the flute band, the Flodden 500 walkers and Children in period costume will be at the front. Once everyone has mustered the procession will make its way down Dovecot to the Victoria Halls. The foot procession will turn in to Chapel Street to allow the horses to disperse via Selkirk High Street. No horses will be allowed to remain in the area for safety reasons.
The Chairman of Flodden 500 Selkirk will then lay a wreath in the memorial garden. A guard of honour will be formed by the Crafts and Association flags. Following this The Royal Burgh Standard Bearer will dip the Royal Burgh Flag in front of Fletcher (the Flodden Memorial) there will be a two minutes silence and the band will play the Liltin. The Royal Burgh Standard Bearer will then return the flag to the Provost followed by the National Anthem, God Save the Queen.
Riders will be able to pick up their commemorative badges in the Committee room at the front of the Victoria Halls from 4.30pm (Approx).
During the rideout and ceremonials members of the public are asked to co-operate with Mounted stewards, foot stewards and the police.
All riders must have been through the registration process and must wear the ribbon provided on the day. Anyone not registered to ride will be asked to leave the ride. The organising committees are grateful to the landowners and farmers for allowing the rideout to cross their land. If you are spectating please respect the land owners and farmers and close all gates behind you.
Please Note all times during the day may vary due to unforeseen circumstances but all efforts will be made to keep to the times.

Riders Social
Following the day’s events George Inglis will be playing in the Victoria Hall from 4.30pm including his new Song about the Battle of Flodden. The bar will be provided by Eric Paterson. Till late.

Friday the 20th of September
Selkirk Royal and Ancient Burgh Ex-Standard Bearers Association are hosting the Flodden 500th Anniversary Dinner in the Victoria Hall at 7.30pm.The Dinner will be chaired by Association Chairman Ex Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Keith Riddell. Speakers for the night are Ex Coldstreamer and Current Chairman of the Coldstream 1513 Club James Bell, Ex Langholm Cornet Billy Young, Hon Provost of Selkirk Common Riding Trust Ex Royal Burgh Standard Bearer David Anderson, Mrs Susan Welsh and the Vote of Thanks will be given by Flodden 500 Selkirk Chairman Jake Wheelans.
A very small number of tickets may still be available and can be obtained from Ex Standard Bearer Wilson Craig priced £25 per head.

Other Events to Note
1. During the Weekend of Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of September Selkirk Parish Church will be holding a Flower Festival, In Selkirk Parish Church Hall.
2. On Saturday the 14th of September the Scottish Chamber orchestra will be performing a Flodden concert in the Victoria Hall at 7pm (part of the YES Festival) further details on their website.
3. Schools Big Sing Event – No date set yet.